A1 Boosts Your Business

Empowering digital life.

Who we are

A1 is Austria's leading communication provider, encompassing more than 7.1 m customers. All A1 customers benefit from our wide range of communication, digital and IT solutions, value added services, wholesale services, TV and mobile business and payment solutions. This is how we live our "Empowering Digital Life" vision. This is what we want to share with you: Profit from our strong market position, distinctive operational know-how, marketing and PR-expertise and insights into our customer base to leverage growth opportunities from digitalization. So that we can achieve even greater things together.

We create winning -
national and international -
alliances, bringing marketable innovations to Austria and to our customers. We are committed to a win-win cooperation with our partners.

What we offer
We offer an easy market-entry in Austria and a gateway to the central-european area.
As a well-established company, we access business partnering and successful, long-term, strategic relationships based on best practice and sustainable advantages for Austria and for the customers.
Investment acquisition
We believe that together one truly can be stronger. Therefore, we offer financial support for your scaleup company so that you and your team can focus on your core business.

Partnering Benefits

Boost in
market entry
A1 offers you the opportunity to profitably introduce your product in Austria - a comparatively manageable, German-speaking market in Central Europe - in order to assess future success in Europe.
Broad customer
We know the needs of our more than 7.1 m customers by heart and our customers trust us and our brand.
Marketing & PR
Our internal and external partners are amongst the best in their fields and know how to push and highlight your product's representation.
Boost in sales &
Due to our existing distribution network your product launches at a pole position in Austria.
Our legal team knows the do's and don'ts thoroughly and can easily assist with e.g. quick check-ups for the market entry partnership.
A1 brand
As Austria’s largest communications provider A1 is commonly known by Austrian citizens. They trust in our brand and its partnering companies.
Mutual benefit cooperations
Participating and sharing – built on these principles we create a network all partners invest in and benefit from likewise.

Who you are

Your digital consumer-business is already established in another country and you want to capture the Austrian market?

Or is it such business you’re investing in?

Expanding Businesses
Your high-growth company is impressively successful and you are ready to take it to the next level? Together we can push things even further and explore new possibilities – in Austria and in Europe.
Venture capital companies / Accelerators
You are investing in high potential companies that will launch their business in Austria? We are the financial partner to help you help your client – by co-investing and/or giving partnering-support to simplify the market entry.

You're at home in these industries?

Perfect, then we can talk about a future together! Take a look at our check list below to see if your B2C-company is suited for a strategic partnership with A1.

Get in contact for B2C partnerships

Let's check if your company/product meets the following criteria:

It is digital and B2C focussed
It has proof of concept in one or more markets

It suits the A1 vision and our ethical values
Legally speaking, your product can be launched in Austria
Head of Division Z
Innovation & Strategic Partnering

«Finding the right partner isn’t only a matter of facts, numbers and profits, it’s like any human relationship – built on trust and respect. Write me, to find out if we fit together and are ready to start an entrepreneurial friendship.»


Get in touch with our Strategic Partnering Professional Michaela so that we can really get to know each other! She’s excited to hear more about your business and to illustrate the A1 partnering possibilities even further.